(Weather Analytics)

ClimaTrends360 is Web portal providing industries with weather forecasts and other real-time data analytics for use in evidence-based decision-making.

The features of the standard ClimaTrends360 portal are the following:

  • Current weather information on specific geographical location, including temperature, cloud condition, air quality, tropical cyclones, and occuring/occured earthquake
  • 6-hour Weather that covers real-time statistics on severity of rain and peak wind, plus indication of when it will rain and it characteristics
  • 15-day Weather on specific locations, presented per day and by the hour, covering statistics such as temperature, wind gustiness, humidity, UV description, visibility, and many others
  • Severe Weather analytics that shows graphical representation of typhoons and its alert level, time, and date of arrival


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Universal Structural Health Evaluation & Recording (USHER) System

(Structural Integrity Analytics)

The Universal Structural Health Evaluation & Recording (USHER) System is an IP-appliance installed at key locations within a building to measures its structural integrity after experiencing an earthquake. Analytics are generated based on established engineering parameters generally accepted by structural engineers. This technology was developed in response to the Memorandum Circular 001-2015, known as the “Guidelines & Implementing Rules on Earthquake Recording Instrumentation for Buildings”, issued by the Department of Public Works & Highways.

Under this Circular, all owners of existing buildings shall provide accessible seismic instrumentation room for the installation of earthquake recording instruments (ERIs). The location of ERI’s shall be determined by a Structural Engineer.

JellyBean Hosting

(Building Web Presence & Enabling E-Commerce)

JellyBean Hosting provides the basic requirement for an organization to have presence on the Internet. We offer premium Web hosting with 24x7x365 technical support and 99.99% uptime. Our allied professional services cover the following:

  • Professional Web design & development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing

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(Technology Managed Services)

ResQ365 offloads the tedious task of maintaining an organization’s investment in technology infrastructure through a suite of services to ensure these are in working condition.

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