JLMB Tech Ventures, Inc. is an ICT systems integrator who provides technology products and solutions to help organizations in every phase of their journey to have technologies become part of their business strategy for stability, growth, and innovation. Its name is derived from the journey of organizations to adopt technologies in their operations — from the initial “Jumpstart” phase, to having technology as a “Leverage” in its operations, to being “Mature” in its inclusion in their key strategies, until achieving “Breakthrough” when strategic innovations are coupled with technology. JLMB has partnered with leading providers of hardware technologies and cross-industry applications to address each of these phases.


JLMB was started in 2018 by ICT professionals who have long been in the industry. Leveraging on these experiences, the company began with service offerings that dealt with networks, structured cabling, and CCTV installation & maintenance.

Similar to many businesses in 2020 when the global pandemic happened, the company had to adapt to a new normal and shifted its focus to selling technology equipment and products. It successfully created a distribution network of partner IT shops throughout the country thus effectively expanding its sales reach beyond its borders.

Towards the end of 2021, with the global economy opening up again, JLMB broaden its offerings to cover business applications and emerging technologies. This enabled the company towards an expanded solutions offerings to organizations who are in their mature and breakthrough phases of technology adoption.

During the same period, JLMB was able to gain its PhilGEPS Registration (Platinum Membership) from the Procurement Services of the Department of Budget & Management that allowed it to directly propose and sell to national and local public institutions in the Philippines. It also garnered its D-U-N-S® Number from Dun & Bradstreet indicating its reliability and financial stability to propose and deliver to its customers in both private and public industries.


Through a design-thinking approach, JLMB understands the challenges of an organization and their adoption of technologies in their strategies.


Users in businesses and organizations who are in the start-up phase are individually utilizing technology for basic functions to help them perform their daily tasks and deliverables.

Business Challenge: Stability

Main Technologies: Personal Computers, Laptops, Printers, Storage Devices


Technology becomes a strategic tool to a growing organization which is experiencing increased transactions and third-party interactions (clients, suppliers, stakeholders) in order to enhance productivity and efficiency through real-time management and collaboration.

Business Challenge: Governance, Operational Efficiencies

Main Technologies: Servers, Network Devices, Broadband Connectivity


The use and appreciation of information and operation technologies are ubiquitous in an organization. Data is embedded in every aspect of its operation that even decision-making becomes more highly data-driven. This extends to its ecosystem composed of its customers, suppliers, and various stakeholders.

Business Challenges: Growth, Security

Main Technologies: Data Center Equipment, Business Applications, Endpoint Devices


As the business continues to meet its growth targets, it must innovate to counter threats from competitions and deliver returns to its stakeholders. New and emerging technologies provides the foundation for innovation in the various areas of the business, from product development to enhancing core processes.

Business Challenges: Innovation, Compliance

Main Technologies: Emerging Technologies, Cloud Solutions, Edge Computing Devices



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